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What You See (WYS) is what you get
I believe that one of the most common beliefs is also one of the biggest misconceptions; the belief that there something wrong with us. Instead, I believe that we should recognize, celebrate and honor our unique inner and outer beauty and the beauty around us and that the world will become a better place if we do so.

You know the saying What you see (WYS), is what you get ? What do you see when you look into the mirror and what do you see when you look inwards? Are the words that you are saying to yourself coming from a place of kindness and love or from a place of rejection, negativity, shame, fear and perhaps even disgust?

Your words and thoughts create what you get . Negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others, create a negative outlook on the world and life in general and well, that s what you will get, which will ironically confirm to you that indeed the world is one negative place and that you are not any better. It s a constant loop of negative thoughts. You are seeing what you are thinking and believing.

The good news is that these negative thoughts and beliefs, which you could call the inner critical voice, don t have to run the show. Even better news: the inner critical voice isn t even real. Actually, it s not even your voice. It s the voice that came about as you were growing up. A young child doesn t have this inner critical voice, it develops as we become adults. This voice is a reflection of the family that you grew up in, your teachers, the culture around you, friends, language etc. It s a big mash-up of all kinds of things.

Once you start to see that the inner critical voice is not you, that it s just a voice in your head, you start to create awareness and see and start to experience that this voice doesn t have to run the show, you will return more and more to your authentic Self, your true Self (before your inner critical voice was created) and reclaim your power. In a way you unlearn many of the things that you have learned and agreed to believe while becoming an adult.

And What You See, is what you get can then be interpreted as showing up in your life as your true, authentic Self. Once you change the limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, you will more and more live a life that reflects your authentic Self. When other people see you, they get to see the true you, not as a version of you that you think you need to be.

I truly believe that you are born perfect. You don t need to be fixed , since you weren t broken to begin with. All you need to do is return to the happiness that has always been inside of you. To go back to I am , instead of I should (the favorite beginning of an inner critic s sentence).

You are one of a kind. There has never been or ever will be someone exactly like you. How amazing is that? We all have something special to bring to the world. The world is waiting for you to share your gifts and your beauty.

WYS living
Living because this is a way of life. You are making an active choice to live a life where you consciously decide what you want to see (and feel) and to get the life that you want. You are creating your reality, how you see yourself, others, the world. Do you want to live a life where life is just happening to you and you feel blocked, controlled by fear and shame? Or do you want to live a life where you get to collaborate with life, where there is less fog, clutter, fear, shame in your mind and heart and more room for happiness, love and beauty?

Living because it's about embracing our lives to the fullest. With all the highs and the lows. To not shy away from the heartache and fears, instead to face those with the best of your ability and to do the same with all the beauty that life has to offer.

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