We will explore relatively quick and simple changes that can be made in your day to day life, but more importantly we will focus on your deeply embedded beliefs about yourself in order to cultivate long-lasting changes to your way of being. The purpose of everything in this way of coaching is for you to reconnect more and more to your authentic Self, and to rediscover your inherent beauty and gifts.


Anything can be brought to the coaching space; perhaps issues around self-confidence and self-esteem, questions around career development and life choices, or curiosity about who you are and what it means for you to live a fulfilled life. Whatever the issue is, we will look at it with the lens of bringing your authentic Self forward. Perhaps letting it be freed from habitual behaviours and habits, and seeing where it is blocked from coming forward. 

I believe that your Self is the deepest essence of you - the center of your being. Your Self is a place which holds many of your most beautiful qualities, such as  acceptance, confidence, calmness, wisdom, compassion, connectedness, leadership and perspective.

Once this awareness emerges, I will work with you to support the development and growth of this Self - and as this happens more and more, you will experience greater freedom, fulfilment and possibility. For me as a coach, this is the magic of this method - to call your authentic Self forward.

As you will be noticing here, this type of coaching requires your input, and the courage to go on a journey together - one which can sometimes be uncomfortable as we pursue honesty and authenticity. The journey is always creative - and my work includes poetry, music, art, as well as somatic practices, conversation, with a strong focus on the Internal Family Systems methodology. As part of the work, you will be taking on new practices and self-reflection exercises in order for you to bring awareness to your way of living, and to nurture deeper connection to your Self. 

Before starting the coaching we would meet to get a shared understanding of the coaching issue you are wanting to explore, and how we might go about working with it within integral coaching methodology. If we agree to embark on a coaching journey together, I will then design a coaching program specifically for you, fitted to your needs, interests and lifestyle. 

I am based in Amsterdam and provide coaching by video conference to clients all over the world in both English and Dutch. If you're based in the Amsterdam area we can have our sessions in person as well of course.

I look forward to working with you! 

IFS Session, 60 min
Price: €80 incl. tax
Duration: 60 minutes session
  • Single IFS Sessions can be booked outside of a full coaching programme.
6 Coaching Sessions
Price: €720 incl. tax
Duration: 1x90 minutes intake session, 5x75 minutes sessions
payment plan options available
  • 3 months for a specific issue, 6 sessions.
  • This is a good option if you have already have done coaching previously and are looking to get coaching support in one specific coaching issue. Ideally you already have some practices in place and have done self reflection exercises before.
  • Personalized coaching plan, follow up email after each session with updated self reflection excercises and practices.
  • Imprompt phone calls in case something urgent comes up in between our sessions. 
Full Coaching Programme
Price: €1440 incl. tax
Duration: 1x90 minutes intake session, 11x75 minutes sessions
payment plan options available
  • 6 months, 12 sessions. This is the most popular coaching offering in order to make long lasting changes in relation to your coaching issue and long lasting effects for when the coaching has ended. The sessions will be including IFS work as well.
  • Since we will be working for a longer period of time together you will be focusing on establishing new practices and self-reflection exercises in your life.
  • Personalized coaching plan, follow up email after each session with updated self reflection excercises and practices.
  • Imprompt phone calls in case something urgent comes up in between our sessions.
Corporate Coaching
Price: € incl. tax
  • Having worked for an international corporation for over 10 years and having managed international teams (100+ staff) I have an extensive experience in coaching staff to be happy and motivated in both their professional and private life.
  • In my work as a corporate coach I apply the same principles as with my one on one coaching: every person is unique and has their unique talents and gifts to share with the world and with your company. The coaching issues can be al type of coaching: a healthier work/life balance, next career steps, how to motivate and manage your team effectively.
What my clients are saying
As a coach and individual, Marieke models an exquisite balance of feminine power and receptivity in her own search for greater authenticity. Under her guidance, I became more confident in my body and in my life. Marieke holds a depth and radiance that will inspire anyone's search for the warm inner glow that comes when we accept ourselves fully and surrender our lives to what is truly meant for us.
Marieke is a very professional coach, friendly and reliable at the same time. Her expertise in her field and her success in her method have reassured me in my journey. Using poems, songs, creativity, wonderful exercises and whole-hearted encouragement through which I felt a true support on the things we worked on. Marieke knows how to touch your heart with love, care and what steps to take. I would really recommend her to have her as your guide on your journey, whatever you want to do, change, become or just to be.
For me the coaching experience has helped me to connect deeper within myself and to create a better understanding of how to connect with my true self, allowing me to being more relaxed and at ease in my interaction with others.
I really enjoyed being coached by Marieke. She is an empathetic person who I felt understood my situation from the first coaching onwards. During half a year of coaching she helped me to understand my authentic self and behavior even better. Small but smart tasks she gave me helped to sustainably develop myself further - in a personal and business context. What has changed for me is that I am more patient with myself since I started the coaching. I feel more relaxed and able to enjoy the here and now. This was a big issue for me.
Marieke was my coach for 12 sessions and during this time I really grew both personally and mainly professionally. From the very beginning, she understood me and created a safe and open space where I was able to talk and share my thoughts. Using a variety of techniques, Marieke encouraged me to try out things I wouldn't have considered before. By the end of the coaching process I became more confident with my work, dealt with phobias, and most importantly learned to value myself and create my own brighter future.
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